Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Monthly Favourites: July 2014

Hello loves! August is just about to hit out calenders and you all know what this means: time for another favourites post! Yes I'm going to be yet another blogger who will tell you that it feels like this months just flew by and I know I promised you more beauty products but it's been so hot out here in Germany that I didn't wear makeup on most days. So I will handle it just like last month and throw in some random favourites. Here we go: 

Benefit They're Real Mascara*: This mascara saved me this month. Seriously it's been so hot and humid outside that basically every time I attempted to do my makeup it all slided off straight away, I'm telling you it's not a cute look... AT ALL!! So I was looking for some meltproof products and when I got this in the mail I immediately tried it and fell in love with it. It stayed on all day without smudging, perfect! I know this has been out for ages and I can't believe I've never tried it before.

Labello Raspberry Lip Butter: The most delicious lip product I've ever owned. It's not just super moisturising it also smells exactly like raspberries which I LOVE! I bought this a couple of weeks ago and used it every other night as a lip mask/treatment and it worked. My lips are now super soft and hydrated!

Essence Fast Dry Drops: This little thing is amazing and I'm absolutely obsessed with it. I recently watched one of Lily Pebbles videos where she said if she had the chance to create a nail polish it would be a pillow proof topcoat and I thought she is right but there has to be something out there who does the job so I went to a couple of shops to see what I could find and I bought a bunch of different ones but this one is by far my favourite and it's just €1.99 how great is that?! I would like to describe it as a setting spray for your nails. You apply your nail polish routine just like usual and at the end you use two drops each nail wait for a minute, wash it off and your nails are completely dry. I just love it!

Revenge: Yet another epic ABC production. Season 2 just started about a week ago here in Germany and because I wanted to get back into the mood I started watching season 1 all over again in the beginning of this month and what can I say I'm hooked... again! This show is so epic I can't even describe how much I love it. Basically it's about a woman whose father was framed for a crime he didn't commit and before he died he left her a box of things who lead her to the people who killed her dad and now she's out for revenge. There is so much happening in every episode that it's sometimes hard to keep up but that's what makes it so exciting. If you like a series with a lot of lies, games and intrigues you'll love this one. This takes series like Gossip Girl or 90210 to a whole other level!

So these are all the things I've been loving throughout the month of July. What are yours? Let me know in the comments! xo, Marie 

*this product was sent to me as a PR sample, but I do not receive any compensation to review/mention this product 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Summer Lovin #5: My Top 3 MAC Lipsticks For Summer

Hello lovelies! I can't believe we are already at #5 of my Summer Lovin' posts, I kind of feel sad that it's almost over! Anyways onto today's topic: my favourite summer lipsticks by MAC! I absolutely love wearing lipsticks during the summer, especially the bright ones! I think they spice up every look and are fun to wear. So without further ado, here are favourite MAC lipsticks for summer !

MAC 'Toying Around': One of my newest additions. A super pigmented hot coral with hints of pink in it. It's an Amplified which means it stays on all day/night without smudiging - perfect for those hot summer days. It was part of the Playland collection but I think you still can find it on amazon.

MAC 'Girl About Town': Hands up, who knew I would be mentioning this? I assume everyone *lol*. I am absolutely obsessed with one (and have been for years). Every time I wear this I get the nicest compliments. It's a beautiful bright fuchsia with blue undertones. If you wear this in the club or at a festival you'll definitely stand out! It's part of MACs permanent collection and a cult classic so it should be available at the stores or online.

MAC 'Chatterbox': A vibrant pink with blue undertones and one of my all time favourites. It's a great every day lipstick and paired with a neutral eye it looks stunning. I just love this one and it's also part of their permanent line so if think this colour is for you, what are you waiting for?

So these are my three favourite summer lipsticks by MAC. What are yours? xo, Marie

Disclamer: The reason I chose MAC as a brand is simply because almost all the lipsticks I own are by MAC and it's a brand every one can get their hands on and they make great lipsticks.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Be Right Back

Happy Saturday lovelies! I hope you all are having a great weekend. I quickly wanted to write this post to let you all know that I will be on holiday for the next ten days. So I might not be as present on any of my social media but don't worry I'm not going to be completely off the radar. I'm going to spend my holiday in Alicante which is in the south of Spain. I'm going to be spending lots of time at the beach with one of my closest friends and I'll be sure to share some pictures on my Instagram or Twitter. :)

And besides getting my tan on I'm planning on going to the local Sephora with a list of products I want to buy. Yes I made a list about two weeks ago, don't judge I know I'm a makeup addict *lol*. I'm excited to see how this will go down cause even though I took Spanish lessons for three years my Spanish is pretty much non existent (oh dear). 

1. Sephora Cream Lip Stain - 01 Always Red 2. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer 3. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation 4. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder 5. Deborah Lippman Nail Polish - Stronger 6. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector 7. OOC Lip Tar - Stalker 8. Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder

I also have scheduled three blogposts for you and if everything goes like planned you can look forward to a new Summer Lovin' post, a TAG I've seen on YouTube last week and my July Favourites. Make sure to follow me on Bloglovin to be notified when they are up. I really hope you like these posts! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I'll be back on the 6th of August. See you then! xo, Marie

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Quote Of The Month: July 2014

Hi loves! I recently went out shopping and whilst walking down the lanes just wondering around I heard a little girl say to her mum and her friends 'Mum you know what, when I grow up I wanna become something big!' Her mum replied 'I'm sure you will' turning around to her friend saying 'Oh she is such a dreamer, she always has her head in the clouds' and I immediately thought 'how rude?!'

Back home I couldn't stop thinking about this little girl picturing her perfect future and thought when did the word 'dreamer' become something bad? 

I personally think being a dreamer as a child is immensely important. In fact, having dream not matter how old you are is important, it keeps you going. I've always been a dreamer and my whole life I've had people, even family members, tell me to keep my feet on the ground, to start living in reality. But that was something I never could. 

Of course I know that the dreams you have as a child are probably not the dreams you have as an adult but I certainly think that some dreams you had as a child will always stick with you. Take me for an example, from a very early age I knew that some day I wanted to leave the country and experience the world. I also knew that I wanted to be part of the entertainment industry (not necessarily in front of the camera though) and by the age of fifteen I had it all figured out. I had a plan; I wanted to become an artist manager travelling the word with the artists I would manage and move to England to start fresh. But even at that age I still had family members who wanted to talk me out of it and friends who laughed at me but I stuck with it and now I know it was all worth it. By now I already had the chance to work with one of the worlds biggest record label, got to know a bunch of important people in the industry and in October I'm gonna start my studies in music business at the university I always wanted to. Even though I still have a long way to go I know that some day I'm going to get there because I will never stop picturing this life until it turns into reality. 

What I'm trying to say is that we shouldn't laugh when people dream cause we all to it. Just think about it. Did you ever think about what you would want to happen a year from now, a month from now of even a week from now. Yes? Guess what, that's called dreaming. That's why we should encourage the dreamers to keep going and to never stop dreaming. I mean what would life be like without dreams? Would we have a goal, an inspiration which keeps us going? I don't think so...

What do you think? Do you think we should be proud to be called a dreamer? Tell me about your dream in the comments no matter how big or small it is I would love to read what inspires you to keep going.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer Lovin' #4: Top 5 | Summer Makeup Tips

Hey there beautiful! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Next up in my 'Summer Lovin' series are my top five summer makeup tips. Like I said in my introduction post the thing with me and summer is that I love the sunny and warm weather but really struggle when it comes to applying makeup and trying to look somehow decent. This is why I'm always on the hunt to find the perfect summer products, but recently I discovered it's not just about the products themselves. It's also very important to know which steps to do and which steps to leave out of your makeup routine and that's why I'd like to share my five of my favourite summer makeup tips. 

#1: Take Time To Prime
I believe the key to a long lasting foundation and intense colour is the most commonly skipped step: a primer. Seriously, this stuff works wonders! I used to think primers wouldn't really change the appearance of my makeup but I was so wrong. All you need is a pea-sized dot of an oil free formula, apply it to your skin before foundation and concealer and you're left with a long lasting base. And you don't have to splurge to get a good primer. I think L'Oreal has some great ones in stock and I also love the 'Babyskin' by Maybelline. 

#2: Go (Sort Of) Naked
Whether you're going to the beach or just wondering around the city. In summer I find most days to be too hot to wear foundation, so what I suggest is - skip the base entirely and just stick to concealer. I know some of you are not comfortable with not wearing foundation but covering shadows, spots and blemishes with just concealer means you won't have to worry about your makeup melting off your face. Make sure to use a denser formula like the Lasting Perfection concealer by Collection, it will stay put longer than a liquid. 

#3: Use Cream Products
Mixing powder with sweat isn't pretty, which is why I would advice you to use cream products. A sheer wash of a cream eyeshadow (the Colour Tattoos by Maybelline are amazing) stays put and wont cake - plus they have a beautiful sheen to them and you could also use them as a liner for a pop of colour. Same goes for blushes, creamy formulas look much more natural and give you that pretty 'glow from within'. I really like the ones by Topshop.

#4: Always Use A Setting Spray
For me setting sprays used to be in the same product category as primers. I didn't really believe in them until fairly recently, they really make a difference. Most of the time I just use it to finish off my routine but when I really want my makeup to last and not look cakey I use it in between every step. I also make sure I always have one in my bag to freshen up my makeup throughout the day.

#5: Go For Sweatproof Mascara
Waterproof mascara is a must-have in summer. It can withstand the office, the beach, the pool and the bar without smudging. They also hold the curl better and are more intense. I really like Maxfactor Masterpiece MAX Mascara. It's super volumizing, super black and super cheap!

These are all of my favourite summer makeup tips. I hope they helped some of you. If you have another tip for summer makeup please share it with us in the comments below! xo, Marie

Friday, 18 July 2014

7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty TAG

Hi beaut's! I've seen the 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty TAG floating around on Blogs and YouTube for a quite a while now and figured it would be fun to do it! If you've done this TAG yourself don't for get to leave me a like in the comments. I would love to read you answers. So let's jump straight into the questions.

GREED: What's your most inexpensive beauty product? Whats your most expensive beauty product?

My most inexpensive one would have to be my tried and tested liquid eyeliner by Essence, it was only €3 and does the job perfectly.

My most expensive one, on the other hand, would have to be my Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette which was about €55, I think. My best friend got it for me for Christmas and I absolutely love it!

WRATH: What beauty product do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?

Definitely glitter nail polishes. They look absolutely beautiful but I always get frustrated when it's time to take it off. It takes forever!

For now I think the Lorac PRO Palette is definitely the hardest to get. I've been dying to get my hands on this bad-boy for what seems like forever and I just can't find it anywhere. I probably have to wait til my next USA trip which won't be happening anytime soon I think.

GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?

Probably the new raspberry bodysrub by The Body Shop. It smells amazing and looks like jam which kind of makes me want to eat it. Is that weird? I hope not *lol*! 

SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

Lipliners. I don't really use them unless it's for a very special occasion. I don't really notice a difference when using them.

PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self-confidence? 

Oh that's easy, any red lipstick! If I want to feel extra glamorous on a night out or even during the day I'll just apply some and I'm good to go.

LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

What a random question. But anyways when it comes to physical attributes, I like a tall guy preferably with dark hair and broad shoulders. I also find the eyes to be quite important. Personality wise I like a kind and caring guy with a good sense of humour.

ENVY: What product would you most like to receive as a gift?

There are so many things I would love to receive as a present but at the top of my list right now (thanks to my cousin) would have to be a MAC eyeshadow palette filled with all the MAC shadows I love.

There you go guys these are my answers to the 7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty TAG. I hope you liked it and as always thank you for reading! xo, Marie 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Review: Better Than BB - Big Easy Liquid to Powder by Benefit

Hi peeps! Welcome back to my weekly Wednesday post. If you read my blog regularly or follow me on Twitter you have seen me raving about this product ever since I got it a month ago. And since I featured it in my second (read HERE) and thrid Summer Lovin' post (read HERE) I thought it was about time to give you an in-depth review on it.

I've been a fan of Benefit for several years now and to be honest with you, they've never let me down. Whenever I go to my local counter the lovely peeps working there always show me their personal favourites and even if I don't buy anything we just end up chatting for ages! When I last visited them I asked for a summer foundation/base which would be appropriate for my holiday (coming up in eleven days! ♥). The girl recommended me the 'Better Than BB - Big Easy Liquid to Powder' bb cream. At first I thought, really €38 ($38, £27.50) for a bb cream is very expensive isn't it, but I went ahead and bought it anyway and all I can say is after using it for several weeks: I am OBSESSED with it!

To get the facts out of the way, there are 6 shades available covering a wide range of skin tones, it has an SPF of 35 and you get 35ml  (1.18 fl. oz.) of products. Now onto the fun stuff: Even though it's a bb cream the consistency is actually quite thick and the coverage is great. I use about five little dots for my whole face and with that I can cover all my redness, my veiny eyelids and any other imperfections. It's very easy to blend, I'd recommend using a brush or a makeup sponge but if you're lazy you could just use your fingers. When you first apply it, it leaves you with quite a dewy finish but after a few seconds it sets into a semi matte finish. It's not too matte for my liking, it has just the right amount of sheen to it which makes it great for summer. It also is quite long lasting I would say about 6-8 hours on its own and in combination with a primer probably about 8-9 hours.

All in all I can say I really really love this bb cream even though I never used to be a huge fan of the whole bb and cc cream hype. Like I said in my other posts I really think it's a lovely summer base and because of it's finish and consistency I believe it would be appropriate for all skin types.

I hoped the review helped you in some way and like always I'm not saying 'go and buy this product' if you are still unsure about it, try to get your hands on a sample or ask the people at your local Benefit counter to apply it for you. Thank you for reading. xo, Marie 
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