Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer Lovin' #4: Top 5 | Summer Makeup Tips

Hey there beautiful! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Next up in my 'Summer Lovin' series are my top five summer makeup tips. Like I said in my introduction post the thing with me and summer is that I love the sunny and warm weather but really struggle when it comes to applying makeup and trying to look somehow decent. This is why I'm always on the hunt to find the perfect summer products, but recently I discovered it's not just about the products themselves. It's also very important to know which steps to do and which steps to leave out of your makeup routine and that's why I'd like to share my five of my favourite summer makeup tips. 

#1: Take Time To Prime
I believe the key to a long lasting foundation and intense colour is the most commonly skipped step: a primer. Seriously, this stuff works wonders! I used to think primers wouldn't really change the appearance of my makeup but I was so wrong. All you need is a pea-sized dot of an oil free formula, apply it to your skin before foundation and concealer and you're left with a long lasting base. And you don't have to splurge to get a good primer. I think L'Oreal has some great ones in stock and I also love the 'Babyskin' by Maybelline. 

#2: Go (Sort Of) Naked
Whether you're going to the beach or just wondering around the city. In summer I find most days to be too hot to wear foundation, so what I suggest is - skip the base entirely and just stick to concealer. I know some of you are not comfortable with not wearing foundation but covering shadows, spots and blemishes with just concealer means you won't have to worry about your makeup melting off your face. Make sure to use a denser formula like the Lasting Perfection concealer by Collection, it will stay put longer than a liquid. 

#3: Use Cream Products
Mixing powder with sweat isn't pretty, which is why I would advice you to use cream products. A sheer wash of a cream eyeshadow (the Colour Tattoos by Maybelline are amazing) stays put and wont cake - plus they have a beautiful sheen to them and you could also use them as a liner for a pop of colour. Same goes for blushes, creamy formulas look much more natural and give you that pretty 'glow from within'. I really like the ones by Topshop.

#4: Always Use A Setting Spray
For me setting sprays used to be in the same product category as primers. I didn't really believe in them until fairly recently, they really make a difference. Most of the time I just use it to finish off my routine but when I really want my makeup to last and not look cakey I use it in between every step. I also make sure I always have one in my bag to freshen up my makeup throughout the day.

#5: Go For Sweatproof Mascara
Waterproof mascara is a must-have in summer. It can withstand the office, the beach, the pool and the bar without smudging. They also hold the curl better and are more intense. I really like Maxfactor Masterpiece MAX Mascara. It's super volumizing, super black and super cheap!

These are all of my favourite summer makeup tips. I hope they helped some of you. If you have another tip for summer makeup please share it with us in the comments below! xo, Marie

Friday, 18 July 2014

7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty TAG

Hi beaut's! I've seen the 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty TAG floating around on Blogs and YouTube for a quite a while now and figured it would be fun to do it! If you've done this TAG yourself don't for get to leave me a like in the comments. I would love to read you answers. So let's jump straight into the questions.

GREED: What's your most inexpensive beauty product? Whats your most expensive beauty product?

My most inexpensive one would have to be my tried and tested liquid eyeliner by Essence, it was only €3 and does the job perfectly.

My most expensive one, on the other hand, would have to be my Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette which was about €55, I think. My best friend got it for me for Christmas and I absolutely love it!

WRATH: What beauty product do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?

Definitely glitter nail polishes. They look absolutely beautiful but I always get frustrated when it's time to take it off. It takes forever!

For now I think the Lorac PRO Palette is definitely the hardest to get. I've been dying to get my hands on this bad-boy for what seems like forever and I just can't find it anywhere. I probably have to wait til my next USA trip which won't be happening anytime soon I think.

GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?

Probably the new raspberry bodysrub by The Body Shop. It smells amazing and looks like jam which kind of makes me want to eat it. Is that weird? I hope not *lol*! 

SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

Lipliners. I don't really use them unless it's for a very special occasion. I don't really notice a difference when using them.

PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self-confidence? 

Oh that's easy, any red lipstick! If I want to feel extra glamorous on a night out or even during the day I'll just apply some and I'm good to go.

LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

What a random question. But anyways when it comes to physical attributes, I like a tall guy preferably with dark hair and broad shoulders. I also find the eyes to be quite important. Personality wise I like a kind and caring guy with a good sense of humour.

ENVY: What product would you most like to receive as a gift?

There are so many things I would love to receive as a present but at the top of my list right now (thanks to my cousin) would have to be a MAC eyeshadow palette filled with all the MAC shadows I love.

There you go guys these are my answers to the 7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty TAG. I hope you liked it and as always thank you for reading! xo, Marie 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Review: Better Than BB - Big Easy Liquid to Powder by Benefit

Hi peeps! Welcome back to my weekly Wednesday post. If you read my blog regularly or follow me on Twitter you have seen me raving about this product ever since I got it a month ago. And since I featured it in my second (read HERE) and thrid Summer Lovin' post (read HERE) I thought it was about time to give you an in-depth review on it.

I've been a fan of Benefit for several years now and to be honest with you, they've never let me down. Whenever I go to my local counter the lovely peeps working there always show me their personal favourites and even if I don't buy anything we just end up chatting for ages! When I last visited them I asked for a summer foundation/base which would be appropriate for my holiday (coming up in eleven days! ♥). The girl recommended me the 'Better Than BB - Big Easy Liquid to Powder' bb cream. At first I thought, really €38 ($38, £27.50) for a bb cream is very expensive isn't it, but I went ahead and bought it anyway and all I can say is after using it for several weeks: I am OBSESSED with it!

To get the facts out of the way, there are 6 shades available covering a wide range of skin tones, it has an SPF of 35 and you get 35ml  (1.18 fl. oz.) of products. Now onto the fun stuff: Even though it's a bb cream the consistency is actually quite thick and the coverage is great. I use about five little dots for my whole face and with that I can cover all my redness, my veiny eyelids and any other imperfections. It's very easy to blend, I'd recommend using a brush or a makeup sponge but if you're lazy you could just use your fingers. When you first apply it, it leaves you with quite a dewy finish but after a few seconds it sets into a semi matte finish. It's not too matte for my liking, it has just the right amount of sheen to it which makes it great for summer. It also is quite long lasting I would say about 6-8 hours on its own and in combination with a primer probably about 8-9 hours.

All in all I can say I really really love this bb cream even though I never used to be a huge fan of the whole bb and cc cream hype. Like I said in my other posts I really think it's a lovely summer base and because of it's finish and consistency I believe it would be appropriate for all skin types.

I hoped the review helped you in some way and like always I'm not saying 'go and buy this product' if you are still unsure about it, try to get your hands on a sample or ask the people at your local Benefit counter to apply it for you. Thank you for reading. xo, Marie 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Summer Lovin' #3: Top 5 | Summer Foundations

Happy Sunday lovelies and welcome back to another 'Summer Lovin' post! We've already covered my favourite summer songs (read HERE) and my summer essentials (read HERE) so, like promised, today will be all about my top 5 summer bases. You'll probably thinking five? Why are there only four in the picture? Well it seems like whenever I need a product for a blogpost it seems to disappear like it's camera shy, sooo weird. Does that happen to any fellow bloggers? Please don't tell me I'm alone in this! Anyways onto the foundations...

Better Than BB - Big Easy Liquid to Powder by Benefit: The perfect base for summer and probably my favourite out of the bunch. Super lightweight and great coverage (for a bb cream). I would say like most of the bb creams it's definitely more of a light coverage but very buildable. I love wearing this one to work but I also would wear it on other occasions. 

L'Oreal True/Perfect Match - Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation: The reason why I've put these two together is because, well first of all you've all probably enough of me raving about this product and second I personally think the True/Perfect Match is a dupe for the Benefit one. It's a bit thicker in consistency but nothing you would notice on the face and the coverage and finish are basically the same. If you're on a budget definitely try this one. 

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation: The only one which I personally wouldn't wear during summer days but definitely during the evening or on nights out. It definitely has the thickest consistency out of the bunch but also the best coverage. It covers everything which needs to be covered without looking cakey or feeling too heavy on the skin. If you're not too comfortable wearing a bb cream or a light coverage foundation this could be the one for you. 

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation (the one who went missing): My summer staple for the past 3 years probably. Not every ones cup of tea but I'm definitely a fan of this foundation and the idea of powder foundations in general. Even though I have quite dry skin I tend to get quite oily around the t-zone and my cheeks which is why I like to keep my makeup matte and 'safe' so to speak. Again, sorry there's now picture I just can't find it anywhere! But it's one of MAC's cult classic products and I'm sure you've seen it already. 

That's it girls, these are my favourite bases for summer. What are yours? xo, Marie

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Four Concerts You Should See In 2014

Hello beaut's! Hope you all are having a lovely week so far! Today's post is something that's not beauty related but still very close to my heart: Concerts! Since music is a big part of my life I thought I'd share my must-see concerts coming up late 2014/early 2015. Now, I don't know about you guys but for me concerts are a great way to meet new people and celebrate music in general. I absolutely love seeing my favourite artists live and I always have the best time at concerts. Unfortunately not all of the artists I'm going to mention are going to be playing in every country but since this is an international blog I thought I'd just mention them anyway, cause it might help some of you out there to decide whether to invest in a ticket or not...

Bruno Mars 'The Moonshine Jungle Tour': Definitely a must-see concert. I personally haven't had the chance to see him live on stage yet but some of my close friends went to his shows last year and told me it was absolutely amazing. The show he puts on for his crowed is supposed to be very energetic and fun! If you've seen his 2014 Brit Awards performance you'll know what I'm talking about (watch HERE). So far, I believe, he only announced dates in the US and Canada but as soon as he announces dates here in Germany or in the UK I'm definitely going to buy tickets! 

Kid Ink 'My Own Lane Tour': When he announced that he will be coming back to Germany to tour his new album 'My Own Lane', which is absolutely dope by the way, I went ahead and bought tickets. I already saw him last year on his 'Roll Up Tour' and was amazed by how much of an epic party it was. If you haven't heard of this guy before you clearly have been living under a rock. His last single 'Show Me' featuring Chris Brown (watch HERE) has been a hit and was all over the radio by the end of last year. His music is so great and definitely up there with Drake, Tyga, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and all the other rappers.

Ed Sheeran 'Multiply Tour': If you read my most recent favourites post (read HERE) you'll already know how much I love his new album. I said it there and I will say it again, the talent this guy has is absolutely incredible. Every time I watch one of his live performances on YouTube I always think how can one person have so much talent?! I'm totally amazed by how much of a true artist/musician he actually is. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying I consider artists who don't play an instrument or don't write their own songs fake, what I'm saying is that there is something about him that's rare and different. The way he puts his heart and soul into his songs, the way he gets into it when he's playing live, the way... wow slow down I'm getting way into this *lol*. Anyways I'm super happy and excited to see him live this fall and think everyone who can should get tickets. Believe me you don't want to miss out on that one! 

Tickets Germany (not many left)

Demi Lovato 'DEMI: World Tour': I love Demi Lovato for many different reasons one being obviously her music! The really makes some great music but what I also love about her is the fact that there is more to her than just her music. Over the past year she's been sharing really personal stories with the world and I have so much respect for her because of that. There are not many celebrities out there who would share as much as she did. I personally think the is so brave and strong and she is probably the only celebrity who I would say I look up to! I can't wait for her to announce dates in Germany or anywhere close to that. I would definitely travel for her cause I've been wanting to see her live every since her last album came out!

Tickets USA/Canada

So there you go guys! I hope you liked it post even though it's different from what I usually do. If you did, amazing, I'm planning on doing a lot more music related posts in the future! Are you going to any of these concerts? Do you know about other concerts I would love, please leave me a comment! xo, Marie 

Disclamer: These are concerts I personally think you would love. Your opinion could be completely different and that's fine. Obviously there are so many artists and people out there it would be impossible to mention something for everyone although I do think I managed to get quite a good mixture of genres.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Summer Lovin' #2: Summer Essentials

Hello lovelies! Today's Sunday which means I'm back with another 'Summer Lovin' post. Last week we talked about my favourite songs for summer (read HERE), this week it'll be all about my summer essentials. As I explained in my introduction post (read HERE) wearing makeup in the hot and humid weather can be quite tricky which is why I like to tone my everyday makeup routine to a minimum. So here are my summer essentials.

Benefit Say Flawless 15 Hour Primer: Starting off with a good primer, to me, is probably the most important step in my foundation routine. This one by Benefit is one of my all time faves. I already mentioned it a while back in my first ever favourites post. It's not one of those primers which will fill in your pores and give you a smooth surface but it kind of works like a magnet and makes your foundation last for absolutely ages! It's great for hot days cause you just apply it and you don't have to worry about your foundation moving around. It's amazing.

Benefit Big Easy BB Cream: Probably the PERFECT summer base! I only got it a week ago but after trying it for the first time I knew I've found an absolute gem! It's super lightweight, yet still gives enough coverage to blur out any redness or spots. It also sets to a matte, slightly powdery finish, which is great for summer! I usually apply this, concealer, some powder and I'm good to go.

NARS 'Orgasm': I'm absolutely obsessed with this blush. Like I said in my last face of the day (read HERE) it's such a pretty colour and goes perfectly with whatever lip colour you want to wear. Great for every day use. 

Urban Decay NAKED Basics: This palette comes in handy whenever I want to put more effort into my eye look. During the summer I usually like to wear liner, lashes and lips but for the days I want to switch it up a bit I usually use this palette. The colours might not be the most exciting but they are easy to work with and even though they all look really similar you can achieve a bunch of different looks with them.

Bright Lipsticks: For me, summer is the time to get all my bright and beautiful lipsticks out and show them some love. Like I said because I love wearing the liner, lashes and lips look I own quite a wide range of bright lipsticks but for today I picked out the three I wear the most. All of them are by MAC Cosmetics and the one of the left is called 'Toying Around' (a hot coral), the middle one is 'Happy-Go-Lucky' (a bright pink, kinda like Candy Yum Yum) and the one on the right is called 'Girl About Town' (a bight fuchsia).

Thank you for reading guys. If you're liking my summer series check back next Sunday for my Top 5 | Summer Foundations or subscribe to my blog and never miss a post. xo, Marie

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Monthly Favourites: June 2014

Hello beaut's! I can't believe it's now July and I'm already writing my next favourites post. Crazy! Anyways this month I don't actually have a lot of beauty products to share with you, that's why I decided to throw in some random favourites as well. But instead of boring you with the long stories of why I ended up buying a bunch of products last minute I'm going to dive straight into the favourites.

Benefit 'They're Real Push Up Liner': One of the best eyeliners I've ever tried, but if you read last week's review on it (read HERE) there is not really much to add to that! I will say that it's not a hell of a lot easier than using a brush and a gel pot, but other than that it does all the things it claims to do.

Essie 'Mint Apple Candy' & 'Cute As A Button': My two FAVOURITE summer nail polishes of all time1 If you read my 'Summer Nails' post (read HERE) you'll know that I'm all about finding the perfect shades for summer and even though they always come out with new limited edition polishes for the summer I always find myself going back to these two. LOVE them!

L'Oreal True Match Foundation: Why the heck did I wait for so long to buy this product?! Seriously! I mean everyone's been raving about this foundation since the day it was launched but for some reason I never thought about buying it until last month. I was running out of my beloved Benefit foundation and  when I saw this on the shelves I just thought, whatever I'm just gonna try it. And it's great and soooo similar to the one by Benefit. I would say it's a bit thicker in consistency but other than that you can't really tell the difference.

'The Fault In Out Stars': Probably the saddest love story I've ever seen on screen. I'm not usually a fan of the 'crying my eyes out' love drama movies and it takes A LOT for me to cry in the cinema but 15 minutes into the movie and I started crying and let me tell you I wasn't the only one. My mum next to me was crying, I could here a few girls behind me crying and the women two rows in front of me were absolutely sobbing!

'Multiply' by Ed Sheeran: Oh boy, where should I start?! I've been waiting for this Album to be released since I first his first album came out back in 2010. I'm not gonna lie he kept us waiting for a long time but when I heard the first two songs I already knew it was worth it. This is what I call a masterpiece! The talent this man has is incredible! There is not one song on the album that I don't love but 'I'm A Mess', 'Don't' and 'Afire Love' are my absolute favourites! I know it's only July but this could be my album of the year, I've been listening to it almost everyday since I bought it on iTunes.

So, there you go guys. There are all the things I've been loving throughout June. What are yours? xo, Marie 
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